A premium data management platform to attract, engage, and delight your best customers and users. AdLib has all the power you need without the obstacles and complexities.

The AdLib DMP

Attract. Engage. Delight.

Marketers of every size can easily onboard, manage, and target their valuable 1st party data at scale and across all channels.

Join leading marketers worldwide who are using AdLib to deliver more campaigns with better results!

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New in Version 2.1
Premium Audiences

Select from over 150,000 audience segments from 50 + Data Providers including Bluekai, Nielsen,& LiveRamp. Target by demographic & psychographic signals, in-market intent & purchase history, interests & behaviors, and much more.

Individually & At Scale

With granular audience segmentation and a consistent User ID across all devices using a powerful enterprise-grade identify graph.

Understand True Impact

By measuring and optimizing towards real business outcomes.

Maximize Customer Value

With CRM integrations that power targeted content & messaging to high LTV users, clients, and key accounts.

White Label

Maintain your brand's look and feel or go to market with your own DMP with your company's name, logo, colors, and domain in the AdLib platform.

Your Entire Funnel

Connect and onboard online and offline data to target leads, website visitors, email lists, CRM segments & your entire marketing funnel.

At The Right Time

Sequence based and personalized messaging with dynamic dreative optimization (DCO).

Global Scale

Reaching 95% of the world's consumers across 250+ countries and territories over 500 BILLION times a day.


Build your own applications, workflows, and products on top of the AdLib DMP. We build our APIs first, and the rest of our platform is built on top. 

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Create your first campaign in minutes

Join leading marketers worldwide who are using AdLib to deliver more campaigns with better results!