About AdLib

AdLib is an advertising software company offering customizable user interfaces and APIs for streamlined and automated cross-channel media buying, data activation, and analytics.

Founded by early and long-term MediaMath employees, AdLib started as an easy-to-use DSP.

Today, ad agencies, brands, and marketers of all sizes use AdLib as a workflow platform to reduce labor costs, grow revenue streams, and eliminate costly errors & omissions.

Mike Hauptman

CEO & Founder

Mike is a programmatic marketer with over 17 years of experience solving complex and large-scale technical business challenges for Fortune 500 brands, agencies, and advertisers.

Prior to founding AdLib, Mike was one of the first 100 employees at MediaMath, where he held various roles, including VP of Technical Business Development and Global VP of Platform Integrations. 


Dan Bougourd

CTO & Co-Founder

Dan is focused on creating new technology and products that make it easier for marketers to interact with the programmatic ecosystem.

Prior to joining AdLib, Daniel worked at MediaMath for 11 years, most recently as VP of Engineering, where he oversaw the development of the media buying APIs and User Interfaces.


Cindy Kidney

Chief Operating Officer

Cindy oversees the operations and teams that deliver high-performing campaigns for our clients.

Before joining AdLib, Cindy held roles at Acxiom, Infinitive, Epsilon, and FreeWheel, where she built and optimized teams and processes that maximized digital advertising results and client success.


Trusted by leading marketers worldwide who are using AdLib to deliver more campaigns with better results!

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Better advertising results
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Most marketers struggle to access premium programmatic advertising platforms because of high barriers to entry and complexities that demand a lot of your time and resources. AdLib removes those barriers and complexities allowing you to easily set up and launch successful programmatic marketing campaigns at scale and across all channels.

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